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The range of Unique Design Apartments is located in an elegant Pombaline building in the historical centre of Lisbon, just 100 metres from Praça do Comércio and with views of the famous and visually stunning Rua Augusta.

These apartments were all designed in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui with the objective of achieving harmony in the spaces and their ambiences and thus provide the maximum wellbeing and comfort for our guests.

With features and details capable of capturing attention and triggering emotions, at Unique each piece of decoration tells its own story.

We understand the decoration of spaces as about mixing the sensations and tastes just as while some have more classical preferences, others are enthusiasts for the vanguard and not ignoring those who adore the lighter designs of the modern aesthetic. This is the mix and the plurality that we seek to recreate.

With T1 and T0 Penthouse typologies and areas of between 60 m2 and 70 m2, all apartments feature a thematic decorative style associated with the streets of the Pombaline downtown and their respective historical trades as well as a vast range of commodities that turn these Unique apartments into your genuine Lisbon home.

Discover our apartments

Rua dos Fanqueiros 2nd Floor | Rua dos Fanqueiros decorated
70 m2 T1 Apartment with one bedroom with a king sized bed, dining room with double sofa bed and a dining area, kitchen and bathroom. Max. 4 persons.

This reflects a theme interconnected with the workshops of seamstresses and fashion design ateliers highlighting their vibrant colours.

There are styles that need very few words but just a simple viewing and this happens whenever urban and romantic values fall into harmony and the decoration proves passionate. Discover and enjoy as this is love at first sight.
Rua dos Sapateiros 3rd Floor | Rua dos Sapateiros decorated
70 m2 T1 apartment with one room and two individual beds, living room with a double sofa bed and a dining area, kitchen and bathroom. Max. 4 persons.

The decorative style draws upon the workshops of cobblers and shoe factories.

Sober in colours and with facets of industrial design, this proposal establishes a chronological line between design in the past and the most contemporary productions. Travel through this proposal.
Rua dos Correeiros 4th Floor | Rua dos Correeiros decorated
70 m2 T1 apartment with a balcony around its entire outer extent, with one bedroom, living room with a double sofa bed and a dining area, kitchen and bathroom. Max. 4 persons.

This thematic style draws upon the tannery and leather working.

This represents a classical and refined proposal combining elegance, sobriety and decorative comfort with stunning views out over the outer surroundings to provide a perfect symbiosis. Allow yourself to be seduced.
Rua dos Douradores 5th Floor | Rua dos Douradores decorated
Approx. 60 m2 open space penthouse with kitchenette, individual sofa bed and bathroom. Max. 3 persons.

An apartment in which classical good taste shares the limelight with the comforts and luxuries of our own times.

Ideal for couples, this is an apartments in which fantasy knows no limits and where the Tagus is a constantly good companion reaching through the Triumphal Arch on Rua Augusta.

Feel the love in the air and enjoy some moments of passion for later recollection.